Service and support

Our goal is building a long lasting and sustainable partnership with each and every client. This is our mission and our employees commitment every day!

Demo and rental unit as well as rental equipment pool

Bluelight operates a fully equipped demo and rental unit that can be rented to users and potential customers on a project-by-project basis together with a service and application technicien. On the one hand, interested parties can get a live impression of the process and system technology on their own construction sites and be convinced.

Bluelight also maintains an extensive pool of rental equipment to provide users with optimum project-related support.

Bluelight is a system supplier and trade company. Bluelight does not operate as a contractor.

Maintenance and repairs

Bluelight customers have access to well-equipped workshops in Denmark and Germany with sufficient capacity. We provide maintenance or repairs of Bluelight equipment without delays for fair rates.

In the event of minor damage, we also offer on-site repair service at the customer’s premises – subject to technical clarification and availability.

Bluelight hardware has integrated remote maintenance modules. If there is any uncertainty on site, our service technicien can call in and provide support or install software updates on request.


Included in the purchase price of each Bluelight equipment is a minimum of one to a maximum of two weeks of personal training by a Bluelight service technician locally and on-site at the customer.

In addition, Bluelight organizes regular user training sessions to keep customer employees up to date.

Quality assurance

To ensure the best quality possible, own incorporated laboratories in Danish and German production facilities are constantly testing and monitoring raw material properties such as resin reactivity or fiber characteristics. In addition, samples of CIPP liners cured on site are tested and revised for mechanical and leak tight properties.